Arduino Car


This car was made with different type of legos, a differential gear in the back, and a lego steering system in the front controlled by 2 servo motors that at the same time are powered by two 9V batteries. I also included enough space in the middle to support 2 breadboards and a microcontroller. Also a bluetooth module so I can control the direction and power with a gesture control armband.


At first I just tried to create a car made of legos that I could move with one servo motor connected to a microcontroller (Arduino uno). I had different stages of development while working on this project. The first stage was just a simple car with a button that will turn on and off the servo motor. -That was my first milestone making the car move forward-.

I had to redesign the structure of the car so I could add the steering system and the second servo motor. I ran a second test by adding a script to the microcontroller that will change the direction of the car every 5 seconds. -Second milestone the car moves forward and can change direction-.

After having different ideas for how to control the car I remembered that the school had an MYO armband that I could use for my project. By using a second breadboard I was able to connect a bluetooth module to the Arduino UNO and create a bridge between the Myo armband, my PC, and the bluetooth module inside the car.

It was possible by using the Myoduino library from the developers of Thalmyc labs that connects the Myo armband to the arduino microcontrollers. Of course I needed to make a little hack to the library in order to send the signal via bluetooth instead of the standard usb cable.-Final stage, I was able to control the arduino car via bluetooth with a control gesture armband-.