Design Challenge


This was an experiment for a school project called design challenge where Prof. Lien Tran told us we had to create 5 compositions using some type of constraint. I decided to create 5 different types of illustrations and the constraint was to use some edible product to paint them.


I first tried with other elements, but using wine turn out to be a very interesting way to paint. After some experimenting I decided to use a watercolor technique using some water to dilute the wine. For the composition I used the neutral color of the canvas for the highlights and the dark color of the wine for the shadows and silhouette.

The use of coffee was easier do the fact that I had worked with it in previous projects, I used hot water to prepare different sets of concentrated coffee to achieve a scalable set of tones that worked well for a watercolor effect.

The rest of the materials were more simple to use as I just applied them to create monotones or just the base color for the illustration ( Vanilla, Cupcake Frost).