Developers Survey


This is a visual representation of the data from Stack Overflow which is an online community where programmers can learn and share their knowledge. Each year they conduct a survey trying to reveal trends, likes and the perspective of different matters between developers around the world.


At the beginning I started to visualize what type of charts I could use to represent the data that I had chosen from the Stack Overflow survey. After I decided the charts and their corresponding data, I continued with the HTML skeleton and I also started to think what kind of look should I give it using CSS.

I thought that a text editor dark mode aesthetic would look great for this project -I’m a big fan of dark mode in text editors-. That’s why I decided to use a dark background with colorful highlights for the charts, tooltips, links and titles for the page with a simple white for the common text.

I use D3.js for the creation of the charts. D3 is an amazing and limitless tool that will help you create the most compelling and beautiful data visualizations. I created 4 different javascript files, one for each data visualization. After loading the data and mounted each chart with D3 I used the same style of the web page for the tooltips and highlights.