This is the very first video game that I have ever created. It’s a side-scroller game where you play with a familiar character with a new handmade sprites. The background story of this video game is that you’re a duck who was shot and end up injured in a strange and dangerous forest. To get out of this place you will need to surpass many obstacles in order to get the necessary strength to fly back home.

I decided to create this video game in my class of creative coding because I was really attracted to the idea of becoming a video game designer. -Of course my knowledge in programming was almost nonexistent so I had to work with what I had-.


I used the javaScripts libraries p5.js and for the creation of this video game. At the beginning, I started with just a simple ball and I made it run from one side to another in the screen. After loading I was able to load sprites and gave them a velocity and direction, with this in mind I started to create the physics and concept of the game.

After some rough sketches and testing I created the first part of the video game using blocks for the platforms and a small set of sprites to generate the main character in order to have a very simple sense of gameplay. The next step was to create some foes and of course more main functionalities like flying and other processes like finishing the game or failing it by bumping against any foe or falling out of the platforms.

After having all these elements, I tried to make it a little bit harder by adding new features like moving platforms and a final boss that you have to avoid in order to escape this dangerous forest.