Carlos Gutierrez


This logo was for Carlos Gutierrez who was a cyclist that lost both of his legs by failing the monthly payment imposs to his business from a mafia that was controlled by the local police of his home country. After fleeing his home country he decided to raise awareness by cycling through different parts of the United States using his bike and his new prosthetic legs.

I created this logo for the pitch of a documentary based on his life and all he had to endure in order to surpass his problems. The pitch didn’t come through but Carlos asked if he could purchase the logo for his personal use. I decided to give the logo to Carlos Gutierrez as a personal gift so he could use it for his own convenience.


I started by creating different sketches with the use of his initials and combining them with the simplified silhouette version of a bicycle. After having a decent result on paper, I moved the process into Adobe Illustrator where I started to vectorize the logo. After some changes and polishing minor details, I moved the vectorized version into Adobe Photoshop where I added some shadow effects to give an illusion of depth.