Make a Map


The user interacts with a touchscreen to start navigating through a simple user interface where they’re able to choose from a catalogue of maps. By touching and dragging different elements, the user creates their own map versions using the stamps available from the corresponding maps that will be showcased in the exhibition.

The assets are then visualized with different icons and symbols that the user interacts with through a touchscreen in order to create their own personalized maps. After the process is complete with a personalized quote, the user will be able to mail themselves the map they have just created.


The development started with the creation of objects that will have the map in the simplest form possible. After that, the assets were stored inside these objects that later on will be accessible through the User Interface. The design followed the guidelines already provided by the UX/UI research.

After the user finishes the process of creating their own customized map, an option will appear on the screen so they can send their own map into their mail accounts. This allows the user to keep a personal version of the exhibition for themselves.

After testing the touch screen, the application was deployed for a final test where all the bugs and last details were corrected in order to have a version ready for deployment.