The NerdLab is a games research lab based in the Interactive Media MFA program in the School of Communication at the University of Miami. The logo is meant to play with the mind, emphasizing that there is more than meets the eye. Just as NERDLab strives to push past the standard, the logo works to achieve that mentality in the visual space.


At first it began like any other idea, with a pencil and a clean sheet of paper. I was playing with different concepts based on different logos of other game laboratories. When I came up with a playful and solid idea I passed all the sketches into Adobe Illustrator in order to create a more defined version of this concept.

The idea that I was playing with was a fusion between the perspective of a cube and the name of the laboratory. The idea became into 3 different sketches, and after having a meeting with the NerdLabers we came to a final decision of using the cleanest version and play with the colors of the backgrounds in order to give a more vibrant look to the design.