This is the mascot for the NerdLab. Is based on a platypus who is a big fan of video games and programming with many different talents that make him a perfect addition to the NerdLab team. We were very open to the idea of having an international animal as a mascot because the NerdLab is a household where people from all over the world can get together and be part of something bigger than themselves.


This illustration started in a digital medium using the Wacom Tablet to sketch and illustrate all the details in Adobe Photoshop. There were different types of proposals that we had to rule out in order to get to our final idea. After we decided to use a platypus as our mascot, the process to create an anthropomorphic animal started with various sketches in a digital medium.

After getting a decent result I started to work in both mediums, digital and traditional types of illustration, in order to have different looks and poses. The classic illustrations are very helpful in case any other illustrator needs to recreate the mascot; The digital files are used to create stickers, shirts, and any other type of branding and marketing.