SurviVR it’s a game where the player is stranded in an unusual planet due to a spaceship’s malfunction. As the gameplay advances the player will need to learn more about the surroundings and the tools that will help him in the difficult task of surviving the different menaces that are pending in each part of this strange journey.


I created the entire level from the design and sketches to the modeling, animation and programming of all the elements that you will run into inside this VR video game.

At the beginning of this project I pictured this video game a little more simplistic and with a different type of hardware. After getting some advice from Professor Clay Ewing I decided to experiment with a more aggressive approach and a more powerful VR hardware.

After practicing and experimenting with different types of VR hardwares I chose the HTC Vive because it’s one of the best immersive experiences I’ve had so far. The precision of the sensors and the ability to move in a confined area gives a huge advantage to the HTC Vive above other VR hardwares.

Creating the world wasn’t an easy task. It was necessary to learn how to use a 3D modeling software like Maya before trying anything else. At first I learned how to use the basics of Maya by doing very simple models of trees and after some practice, I was able to generate different assets that will help me to create this VR videogame.

The environment and gameplay had different versions due to the fact that VR is a very unique medium and you need to consider different conditions that at the beginning doesn’t seem to be very obvious. That’s why you need to experiment and play with everything you create in order to make it realistic. -even if it’s something impossible to believe- It needs to feel realistic.

You have to also consider that the player will want to do things that are not possible due to the limitations of the VR hardwares. For example at the beginning the environment was a forest without any boundaries. But the player is confined to the area of the HTC Vive and unless you give him a method to teletransport their position the player will have the urge to explore and discover all the little details of that world. That’s how I decided to create natural boundaries that will limit the player to a designated area.

After testing the project and the feedback received from different users I came out with a very fulfilling result.