Stroke Know How


This animation was created for the organization Stroke Know How. The project required to show how a person, who doesn’t have knowledge on how to transfer a patient or relative who recently suffered from a stroke, from a lying position into a sitting position and subsequently into a wheelchair. Without using text or voice over, So any person of any background could understand the video.


For the creation of this animation I first used Adobe Fuse to generate the 3D models of the characters and then Adobe Mixamo to create bones and joints for animation purposes. After generating the models and the approval of the client I decided to create the scenario inside Maya. I generate different 3D models so I could create a simple room where the spectator could focus on the movements and technique of the helper.

For the animation I used a Storyboard to create different scenes where you could see all the different movements an arrangements a person may need. After that it was a process of animating 10 scenes inside Maya and rendering them into image sequences so I could later export them into Adobe After Effects. Where I created a video using all the scenes and giving some design accents for the understanding of any person who may watch the video. The real challenge was to create a video where the user could understand it without having any type of text or voice over giving advices or indications.